飛行瑜伽工作坊—由Richard老師指導 Acroyoga Workshop with Richard



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  這個工作坊將協助您和伙伴建立互信和有效的溝通方法, 加強核心肌肉的力量和穩定性──這對基座和飛行者來說同樣重要。

  我們將重點講解如何達到身體前側肌肉內收和把能量帶到中線等重要概念,并在練習過程中痛快 地揮灑汗水!如果您從未嘗試過雜技瑜伽,您將會被它的創新好玩迷倒!




about the workshop

  Join Richard to discover the art and science of acrobatic flying! AcroYoga® is a form of partner yoga that includes a base and a flyer. This workshop will teach you to develop trust and communication between partners, as well as working on core stability and strength that are equally vital for the roles of a base and flyer.

  We will work particularly on the concepts of "hollow body" and "hugging into the mid-line", building up a good sweat in the process! If you have never tried Acroyoga before, you will be amazed at just how fun and creative this form of yoga is!

  This workshop is open to all, though especially recommended for students with some experience of inversions such as headstand and handstand.

电子游戏注册   Taught in English with Mandarin interpretation.



  我們先以串聯瑜伽序列進行暖身, 利用核心訓練為身體作好迎接雜技飛行的準備。


电子游戏注册   我們將鉆研雜技瑜伽的理療部分,包括脊柱牽引體式及扭轉動作,這對打開髖關節、肩部及減輕腰痛很有幫助。最后,我們將進行簡短的泰式按摩,然后圍圈,并在真言、社群和祝福中結束這次訓練。



6 June (Saturday)
Session 1
  We will start with a dynamic flow yoga sequence to warm up the body with core training exercises that prepare you for acrobatic flying.

Session 2
  We will explore some dynamic flying techniques, such as Shoulder Stand and High Star. We will also learn the art of "spotting" to ensure a safe and secure environment that allows us to play without fear of injury.

Session 3
电子游戏注册   We will delve into some AcroYoga therapeutics, including spinal traction poses and twists that are great for opening hips, shoulders and relieving lower back pain. We will close with a short Thai Massage sequence and a prayer circle to seal the day with mantra, kula (community) and blessings.



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  當初Richard向一名年長的印度瑜伽老師請教印度教的學問時,他根本不曾想過將來會以瑜伽教學作為終身事業。受到老師的鼓勵后,他來到印度全身投入印度教的生活當中,然后于1998年回到美國后,跟Wanderlust Festival的創辦人Schuyler Grant學習流瑜伽。兩年之后,他來到中國并成為推廣瑜伽的先驅者,然后再到亞洲其他地方教學。

  Richard非常感激兩位對他影響最深遠的老師。2005年搬到上海后,因為當上了瑜伽報(Yoga Journal)的編輯而認識了DuncanWong。Richard 深深被他混合武術和瑜伽的獨特風格所吸引,并從他身上學會如何教授富有趣味且具啟發性的瑜伽課。自從Duncan定居日本以后,Richard 開始跟隨Patrick Creelman 學習,受他感染而變得踏實安穩。 Patrick的教學重視技巧及身體順位,促進了Richard的流瑜伽修煉以及教學的成長。

电子游戏注册   Richard熱愛音樂、誦唱、流瑜伽、歡笑和運動。他希望人們在他的課堂上能真正享受并釋放自己,同時反思自己的人生。他期望用瑜伽啟發人們追尋自己的夢想并找到真正的快樂。Richard鼓勵學員們聆聽自己的內心、放慢腳步并用心的去體會正確的身體順位所帶來的治愈能量。他希望人們可以透過瑜伽學會打開心扉并擺脫精神的束縛。


  When Richard started studying Hinduism with an old Indian yoga teacher, he didn't expect it to turn into a lifetime career of yoga teaching. Inspired by his teacher, he travelled to India to immerse himself in the Hindu tradition, and upon his return to America in 1998, he studied Vinyasa Yoga with Schuyler Grant, founder of Wanderlust Festival. Two years later, he became one of the pioneers to teach yoga in China and other Asian countries.

  Richard feels he owes an equal debt of gratitude to two teachers who have influenced him the most. In 2005, he moved to Shanghai and met Duncan Wong while writing for Yoga Journal. His unique style of mixing yoga with martial arts fascinated Richard and he learnt to teach entertaining and enlightening high-energy classes from him. After Duncan moved to Japan, Richard started to study with Patrick Creelman, who has instilled a sense of blissful groundedness in him. His focus on technique and alignment has helped evolve Richard's approach to Vinyasa Yoga and set out a clear path for Richard to follow, which took his practice and teaching to the next level.

  Richard loves music, kirtan, flow, laughter and the joy of movement. He wants people to enjoy themselves and really let go in his class, but at the same time to pause and reflect on their lives. His goal is to inspire people to live their dream and find true happiness. He encourages his students to trust their own intuition, to go slowly, and to understand how asanas can heal the body through optimal alignment. Ultimately, he hopes people will use yoga as a tool to open their heart and free their mind.



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